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  Mold picture from DIS-10 System is a mold photomicrograph of penicillium. Mold samples are recorded through mold photomicrographs for permanent documentation. Stachybotrys is the mold the general public is frequently refering to when asking about black mold or toxic mold. Digital Diagnostic System's mold photomicrograph.

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Healthy indoor environments are important to everyone.Healthy indoor air quality is important at home, at work - everywhere.   Individuals are exposed to some type of mold on a daily basis. These microscopic organisms reside indoors and outside and are the decomposers of organic substances that are vital to life on earth. Molds need a food source, moisture, time, and to be left undisturbed. Individuals are exposed to molds through contact with skin, ingestion, and the air we breathe. Moisture conducive to mold growth can exist in all indoor climates regardless of geographic location. Most molds, given the right conditions, have the potential to cause ill health effects in susceptible individuals. Some individuals can suffer no apparent ill effects in a moldy environment while others can suffer from a relatively small amount of mold spores.
Mold inspections can assist physicians in isolating a harmful organism. Contact a physician for indoor air quality related health concerns.   American Mold Inspection: Provides Mold Testing Laboratory Reports
Mold testing by qualified microbiologists or mycologists assists situations where health risk or hazard from mold exposure may be in question. Indoor air quality is determined by a thorough visual inspection, humidity testing, air testing and direct sampling of visible mold.
"At no time
should any
mold inspector
diagnose health conditions, or perform mold remediation services."
  Mold inspections frequently are requested when the visible fungal contamination exceeds an individual's desire or ability to perform adequate clean up, or when occupants are suffering from suspected mold related health concerns associated with exposure. If mold is present in areas exceeding ten square feet, or if unseen mold is producing odors, or causing health concerns, if mold is involved in imminent litigation, or if your physician is trying to isolate a harmful organism: it is advisable to contact a mold inspection professional such as, American Mold Inspection. For specific health issues a physician should be seen, for legal matters an attorney should be contacted, and for mold remediation an abatement specialist is needed. For Insurance matters rapid action is advised as fungal contamination can double in 24 to 72 hours under the right conditions.
Digital Diagnostic Systems  
Digital DIS-10 System mold testing technologies. American Mold Inspection retains mold photomicrographs as permanent
documentation of fungal samples and contamination that are easily retrievable for any future need.
    Stachybotrys mold. Stachybotrys
Alternaria mold. Alternaria
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Hiring a mold inspector that does not provide remediation work, prevents conflict of interest and assists the consumer in better evaluating remediation needs and expenses.   The primary purpose of the professional services provided by American Mold Inspection is to assist the consumer in the determination of any possible health risk or hazard that may be present and possibly affecting the general safety of the parties involved. The AMI mold inspector will provide guidance in determining what action should be taken to solve a mold problem and to help prevent any reoccurrence.  AMI mold inspectors are qualified in sampling and laboratory procedures, protocols and methodologies including chain of custody, sample preparation for mold testing, and the interpretation of analytical lab data for mold testing results. AMI provides interior and exterior evaluations for remediation consulting purposes to assist consumers in the appropriate actions needed to solve fungal contamination situations.

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