American Mold Inspection

Mold Inspection Service for Seattle Home and Business


When it is time to get mold inspection done on your property in Seattle, WA, call American Mold Inspection. A long-standing mold specialist, we have proven ourselves worthy of being considered one of the most trusted sources for mold inspection and testing in the Seattle area.

Our mold inspector caters to both residential and commercial customers. The clientele for our mold inspection services in Seattle includes:

  • Homeowners
  • Businesses
  • Builders
  • Real estate agents, potential home buyers, and sellers
  • Property managers
  • Insurance companies

Every mold inspector employed by us is a certified professional with years of industry-related experience. We are thoroughly trained in the use of cutting-edge mold testing technologies.

Moreover, we do not offer remediation services. You can hire our mold specialist for mold inspection in your Seattle property with the confidence that the services will be performed without any conflict of interest, and will provide honest, accurate results.

Certified Mold Inspector Serving Seattle Residents


It is important to hire the right mold inspector to check your Seattle home or business place for the presence of mold. The inspection has to be done very meticulously, as oversights can mean an incorrect report, which, in turn, can compromise the structural integrity of your property and the health of people living or working in it.

Hiring our diligent, reliable, certified mold inspector assures Seattle residents of thorough and seamless mold assessment. Our professionals take a detail-oriented approach on every project and their services typically include:

  • Visual inspection (interior & exterior) of the property
  • Moisture survey and thermal scan
  • Collection of air samples for analysis
  • Analytical laboratory result reporting
  • Clearance testing post-remediation to confirm successful mold cleanup

Why Should Seattle Property Owners Choose a Mold Specialist?


Calling in our mold specialist is advisable for Seattle property owners if they:

  • Notice a persistent musty odor on the premises
  • Suffer allergic symptoms
  • Observe mold growth
  • See water stains and other signs of water damage

Living or working in a place that has mold buildup can have serious health effects. Uncontrolled mold growth in a property can also weaken the structure of the building.

Hiring the services of our professional mold inspector or mold specialist helps Seattle property owners find all visible and hidden mold growth. After inspection by our mold specialist is done, our customers can hire remediation experts for mold cleanup.

Seattle residents can call 425-770-4375 to discuss their mold problem with the mold inspector at American Mold Inspection.