American Mold Inspection

Mold Inspection Service for Monroe Home and Business


Do you need mold inspection services in Monroe, WA? Are you looking for a mold specialist who you can rely on for honest, efficient, and reliable services? Get in touch with American Mold Inspection.

We are a leading mold specialist that enjoys a hard-earned, well-deserved reputation for sincerity and meticulous work while inspecting a property for mold.

Our services are available for both commercial and home mold inspection jobs. We have our mold inspector work along a well-planned, systematic process. Our mold inspection in Monroe properties typically involves:

  • Detailed interior and exterior visual inspection of the property
  • Moisture survey
  • Thermal scan
  • Air sample collection
  • Sample analysis and reporting of result
  • Post-remediation mold testing to confirm cleanup

Certified Mold Inspector Serving Monroe Residents


Mold inspection is no good if it is not done properly and thoroughly. We realize that any carelessness by the mold inspector in detecting the presence of mold in a property can compromise the health of the property owner and many others.

To make sure that our clients never have to suffer due to such negligence, we send over only a capable and licensed mold inspector to serve Monroe residents. Every mold specialist staffed by us is hand-picked following a strict recruitment process.

All property owners who hire our services can depend on us to entrust their job to a mold inspector who has:

  • Vast experience in the industry
  • Knowledge of the latest mold testing techniques
  • Certified Digital DIS-10 System Laboratory Training

Why Should Monroe Property Owners Choose a Mold Specialist?


If mold growth in your living or working place goes undetected and untreated, you and everyone else who uses the property on a regular basis are at risk of suffering from serious health hazards posed by exposure to mold and mildew.

Call our mold specialist to inspect your property for the presence of mold if you have mold symptoms, such as persistent nasal congestion, watery and itchy eyes, excessive sneezing, etc.

The key reasons you should choose us when you need the services of a mold specialist in Monroe include:

  • Prompt scheduling of services
  • No cutting of corners by our mold inspector
  • Unbiased and honest results
  • Competitive prices

We do not offer mold remediation services, which means there is no conflict of interest.

Want to schedule the services of a certified mold inspector for your Monroe home or business? Need an estimate of mold inspection cost? Call American Mold Inspection at 425-770-4375.