American Mold Inspection

Mold Inspection Service for Forest Park Home and Business


If you suspect mold in your home or business property in Forest Park, calling for the services of a highly-qualified mold specialist is vital to ensure occupant health and safety, and to preserve property value for the owner.

We are an independent and unbiased mold inspection company with an experienced mold specialist crew that uses state-of-the-art technology and testing. Each mold inspector has received Certified Digital DIS-10 System Laboratory Training and is experienced in mold detection.

Our inspection services focus primarily on determining:

  • If there is mold growth inside the property
  • Concentration levels of mold spores in the indoor air
  • The type of mold growth

Visible mold symptoms or signs of potential mold growth include health reactions such as itchy eyes, water damage such as a bathroom stool overflow or leaky roof, and visible mold that normally appears as dark or green patches that should not be overlooked.

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Certified Mold Inspector Serving Forest Park Residents


Each certified mold inspector that we dispatch for mold inspection has a complete and thorough knowledge of all aspects of construction and buildings, usually learned with years of training, field experience and dedication.

Our mold specialist crew also understands how microbiology and building materials interact as well as the metabolic cycle and growth cycles of fungi to accurately identify where mold may be growing, or to detect mold that is hidden from view.

To provide homeowners with reasonable solutions for initiating mold removal and the best information to prevent re-growth of mold, our mold specialist will:

  • Conduct an extensive property scan for existence of mold growth
  • Prepare samples for testing
  • Interpret the findings of the laboratory
  • Provide a mold remediation consultation
  • Conduct a post-remediation mold test
  • Prepare instructional guidelines for prevention of future mold growth

There is no conflict of interest associated with our mold inspection service because we are in the business of inspecting, testing and consulting with no vested interest in benefiting from removal or remediation.

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Why Should Forest Park Property Owners Choose a Mold Specialist?


Mold grows just about anywhere and can damage not only your home but also your health. Many property owners are unaware that mold can weaken building structures.

These are a few reasons why Forest Park property owners should select a certified mold inspector to conduct a mold inspection:

  • To determine if visible mold is toxic
  • Identification of the type of mold
  • Post mold removal clearance testing
  • Health concerns
  • Testing for elevated mold that may be growing in inaccessible areas

In hiring our reputable company with proper mold inspector certification and state-of-the-art testing equipment you can be assured of mold inspection testing accuracy.

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