American Mold Inspection

Mold Inspection Service for Issaquah Home and Business


Are you worried you have mold in your Issaquah, WA but can’t afford high mold inspection cost? Don’t worry! The pros at American Mold Inspection have your back. We provide mold inspection service at a fraction of the cost of some companies in the area, and guarantee 100% unbiased results.

Did you know that you don’t want to hire a mold inspection service that also provides mediation services? This means that they have interest in the outcome of their home mold inspection - they’ll make money on your mold! When you hire a mold inspection service like ours, you get:

  • Unbiased mold testing
  • Lower mold inspection cost
  • A certified mold inspector who understands all types of mold

Don’t trust your home mold inspection to just anyone - trust our certified mold inspector! With our mold inspection service, you also get expert advice and professional testing to provide excellent mold mediation outcomes with another provider.

Certified Mold Inspector Serving Issaquah Residents


Did you know that a certified mold inspector is the only person qualified to perform home mold inspection in Issaquah? A Certified Indoor Environmental (CIE) inspection is the only home mold inspection to trust, and we provide CIE inspectors for our Issaquah clients.

If you want a home mold inspection that is thorough, fair, and unbiased, you should call us today. We will:

  • Perform a highly thorough home mold inspection
  • Provide mold testing for areas of concern
  • Return the mold testing results quickly

From there, we offer our clients a long list of mediation specialists to call. This process prevents conflict of interest and ensures that we have our clients’ best interests at heart.

Why Should Issaquah Property Owners Choose a Mold Specialist?


If you’re worried that you have mold or you’re noticing mold symptoms, such as allergies, it’s time to call a mold specialist.

In Issaquah, there may be a number of mold specialists to choose from. You can trust us to provide the best mold inspection services, though, as we:

  • Keep mold inspection cost low
  • Are CIE-certified inspectors
  • Perform unbiased mold testing

As we do not provide mediation services, you can rest easy knowing that our findings for your Issaquah property are accurate.

You can also benefit from our home mold inspection as we will point out areas where there may be cause for concern in the future, saving your health and home!

Don’t wait for mold symptoms to become evident. Call the certified mold inspector at American Mold Inspection. Issaquah residents can dial 425-770-4375 to reach our CIE mold specialist.