American Mold Inspection

Mold Inspection Service for Bothell Home and Business


Do you need to get your property in Bothell, WA tested for mold? American Mold Inspection can help. We are a mold testing and mold inspection company that serves Bothell homes as well as business owners.

We are staffed by a highly qualified mold specialist crew, and use the latest technologies for mold detection and testing. Each mold inspector that works with us comes with vast on-the-job experience and Certified Digital DIS-10 System Laboratory Training. With our expert mold inspector at their service, our customers can rest assured that mold detection in their property will be complete and accurate.

The focus of our mold inspection services in Bothell is to determine the:

  • Existence of mold growth in a property
  • Type of mold that is growing
  • Mold spore concentration in the indoor air

We do not perform mold abatement or remediation work. This means there is no conflict of interest for our customers who engage our services for business or home mold inspection in the Bothell area.

Certified Mold Inspector Serving Bothell Residents


Mold inspection is not a job for a novice. It is always advisable to hire a knowledgeable, certified mold inspector to have your Bothell property checked for the presence of mold. A licensed mold specialist knows all the possible spots where mold may grow, hidden from view, and can be trusted to get the job done right.

Hiring our mold inspector offers Bothell property owners the best possible start to their mold removal project in their home or business place. The expertise of our mold inspector includes:

  • Comprehensive property scan for mold detection
  • Sample preparation for mold testing
  • Interpreting lab results
  • Mold remediation consultation
  • Post-remediation mold testing
  • Guiding customers on the prevention of future mold growth

Why Should Bothell Property Owners Choose a Mold Specialist?


The presence of mold can have a significantly adverse impact on indoor air quality and inhabitants' health. It can also weaken building structure.

Has your property had damp conditions due to flooding, plumbing leaks, drainage problems, or humidity? Do you observe signs of mold around you? Call in a mold specialist that can confirm if your Bothell home or commercial building has sprouted mold growth.

Get in touch with us, as we are a CIE mold specialist that Bothell residents trust for:

  • Prompt response
  • Quality service
  • Affordable pricing

Want to know more about mold inspection cost? Have any other questions related to the mold specialist services offered by American Mold Inspection in Bothell? Call 425-770-4375.