American Mold Inspection

Mold Inspection Service for Bellevue Home and Business


Did you recently purchase a home that potentially contains mold? Does your current home have signs of mold, like:

  • Persistent water leaks?
  • Dark patches on walls, floors, or ceilings?
  • Itchy eyes and allergic reactions of the home’s inhabitants?

If you’re concerned that mold is present in your Bellevue, WA, you should call the certified mold inspector at American Mold Inspection. We will provide thorough mold inspection service that checks for mold symptoms, presence, and potential causes.

Our mold inspection service is designed to find and assess mold, not to perform mediation services. This prevents conflict of interest and allows us to keep the mold inspection cost low.

Do not hesitate to seek our mold inspection service as soon as you become concerned about the presence of mold. Unaddressed, mold can cause extensive damage to your home and health. Call us ASAP!

Certified Mold Inspector Serving Bellevue Residents


Are you searching for “mold specialist near me” before you’ve had a neutral, certified mold inspector check out your Bellevue home? Many times, homeowners seek a one-stop-shop for their mold testing and mediation needs, but there is a major conflict of interest there.

You should seek a certified mold inspector who does not perform the mediation work, as:

  • This ensures your mold testing is accurate and unbiased
  • This keeps the mold inspection cost low
  • Ensures that all mold will be found on the first inspection

Do not trust that a mold mediation company will provide unbiased results in their mold inspection. However, a certified mold inspector does just that - searches your Bellevue home for mold.

Our certified mold inspector will then give you a list of recommended companies for mediation, as well as a report on all the areas that your home needs fixed.

Why Should Bellevue Property Owners Choose a Mold Specialist?


When looking for a mold specialist, you don’t want the people who profit from removing mold in your homes to perform the initial home mold inspection. Why? Because that is considered a conflict of interest in the home mold inspection industry.

Many Bellevue residents choose our mold specialist because:

  • Our mold inspection cost is reasonable
  • We offer unbiased home mold inspection
  • We know mold symptoms better than most

Don’t wonder if your mold specialist has your best interests at heart. Use our mold inspection services and rest easy knowing that your report will be unbiased, thorough, and affordable.

If you think you notice mold symptoms and need home mold inspection, call the professionals at American Mold Inspection. Call 425-770-4375 for a CIE mold specialist in Bellevue.