American Mold Inspection

Mold Inspection Service for Auburn Home and Business


Having mold growth in your living space or work place can be a major health hazard. It can lead to poor indoor air quality and cause allergies. Undetected and untreated mold buildup can even result in serious property damage.

Call in an experienced mold specialist from American Mold Inspection for mold inspection in your home or business place if you:

  • See mold and mildew growth on the property
  • Smell a stale, musty odor persisting in the building
  • Have developed allergic symptoms like nasal congestion, sneezing, watery eyes, etc.

We are known for providing quick, efficient, accurate, and reliable mold inspection services in the Auburn, WA area. Our mold inspector can examine and test any residential or commercial property for the presence of mold so that the required remediation work can be initiated.

Our services as a mold specialist do not include performing mold remediation. Those who hire us for business place or home mold inspection in Auburn can count on us for honest services and unbiased results.

Certified Mold Inspector Serving Auburn Residents


When it comes to hiring a mold inspector, Auburn residents must make sure that they make the right choice. Any negligence by the professional that you hire for mold inspection on your property can compromise the safety of your investment as well as the people living or working in the building.

We are proud to be a capable and ethical mold inspector that you can trust. The mold specialist we send over to serve you is a Certified Indoor Environmentalist. Our certified mold inspector also comes with:

  • Extensive experience and proven skills in the field
  • Training in the latest mold testing techniques
  • Commitment to doing an honest and flawless job

Why Should Auburn Property Owners Choose a Mold Specialist?


Timely detection and, consequently, remediation of mold in any building is critical to ensuring the well-being of its inhabitants and preventing structural damage.

However, simply calling any mold specialist to your Auburn property when you notice mold is not enough. It is equally important to choose a knowledgeable and well-equipped mold inspector.

Take the first step to removing the mold problem in your home or commercial building by calling our mold specialist. Our qualified professionals work diligently with cutting-edge technologies, and they assess your property for:

  • The presence of mold
  • The type of mold growing there
  • Concentration of mold spores in indoor air

Call American Mold Inspection at 425-770-4375 to hire the services of our mold inspector in the Auburn area.