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  Mold picture from DIS-10 System is a mold photomicrograph of penicillium. Mold samples are recorded through mold photomicrographs for permanent documentation. Stachybotrys is the mold the general public is frequently refering to when asking about black mold or toxic mold. Digital Diagnostic System's mold photomicrograph.
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Indoor air quality testing for black toxic mold with laboratory reporting.  
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BCMIS Associates Serving N. CA Greater San Francisco Bay Area providing mold surface and air sampling


AMI - Seattle / Bellevue Indoor Air Quality Mold Testing

Scientific studies have revealed that the air quality inside of homes and buildings can be more polluted than outside air. When mold is found thriving in indoor environments the health risk to susceptible individuals can increase significantly. At particular risk can be children, the elderly, or the chronically ill, and those who suffer from respiratory ailments such as allergies, or asthma.

AMI serves Seattle, Bellevue, Everett, Auburn, King County, Snohomish County.

Indoor Air Quality and Mold Testing Services.  

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Poor indoor air quality can be of greater risk to the elderly.

Some individuals are more susceptible to molds.

Mold is Everywhere -even the air

Mold Need Moisture to Thrive - For healthy indoor air quality, indoor environments should always be kept clean, dry, and as mold free as possible. Mold Testing
Visible contamination on interior wall. AMI
with Lab Reports
as Permanent
Records of
Mold Site




Mold in the air
Mold can be visible, or sometimes hidden. American Mold Inspection mold inspectors can take both surface and air samples, including in/behind wall mold sample(s) collection for laboratory analysis.

Why Have Air Quality Testing for Mold?

Mold inspections and mold testing services should always be considered when individuals, or businesses, suspect health risk, or hazard, to occupants in an indoor environment. American Mold Inspection specializes in indoor air quality mold testing services for these needs. AMI provides rapid response in emergency situations, attention to project timelines, quality assurance to residential and commercial clients, and provides fast, analytical testing results reporting. We are home mold specialists with service to Seattle and the Eastside, south to Puyallaup and north to Mt. Vernon. Mold Testing

Firefighters-water damage can create moisture where molds thrive. AMI Clearance Testing

Indoor Environmental Health and Safety and Insurance Claims can involve crisis management and investigations into such issues as water damage due to extinguishing fires, or severe weather, faulty construction, or plumbing. Remediation of fungal contamination may be required to assure occupant safety. AMI provides clearance testing to remediators but does no remediation work to assure the consumer of no conflict of interest.

Bipolaris mold photomicrograph with debris.
Digital Diagnostic Laboratories Online Mold Analysis System

Fast, Accurate,

AMI Provides Mold Inspection
and Testing Services Only

No Remediation Work Means
No Conflict of Interest

Serving Home Owners, Buyers, Sellers, Realtors, Insurance Companies, and all Private and Public Sectors

 Mold testing technologies for mold inspectors from Digital Diagnostic Systems. "
Digital Diagnostic Systems and Mold Laboratories.Digital Diagnostic Systems
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